Left Brain Vs Right Brain

More proof that I’m a crazy person who probably shouldn’t be writing: the eternal battle between the two sides of my brain.

The anal-retentive, detail-obsessed, math loving left brain says, “More world building time!” and “Should there be a comma there? I have only a vague idea what the English rules for commas are, but I’m going to obsess over this one little comma anyway!” and “Whoa! That might be a logic fail! Logic fail bad! You must do whatever it takes to determine if this really is logic fail, up to and including making out truth tables!”

Very quietly, the right brain says, “This character has so many motivations, let’s show some.” and “I know a pretty description, let’s write it.”

And it might say more, but the left brain suddenly yells, “Stop! That description might be pretty, but is it accurate?”

Attempting to make a point, the right brain says, “It’s prose, not a machine drawing. It doesn’t have to be completely accurate.”

“Failure to compute!” the left brain screams, hitting the right brain with a blunt, heavy object. “Accuracy and precision are everything! Screw pretty!”

The right might want to argue more, but at this point it’s a bloody, quivering mess. So all creatively slinks quietly away while the triumphant left brain cheerfully provides exact measurements.

And no matter how hard I try, this is how the battle always ends. Damn you, left brain! (Okay, you know I love you, I really do. Don’t go away. If I lose you, there will no longer be ten subsets of organization on my bookshelves and I can’t live that way!)

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