2015 Goals

Hello, new year. Hello, new me (hopefully).

My main goal this year is to regularly update this stupid page. At least once a month, I hope. Because on the internet, new is key. If you ain’t generating new shit, you don’t exist. (And I already barely exist.)

Last year, I wrote about 650,000 words. I hope to match or accede that this year. I want to finish my “Shadow of an Empire” series and “Only the Inevitable.” I’m into the last arc of the former, and hopefully more than 2/3 through the latter, so finishing both is very doable.

As I had a number of finished, stand-alone (or mostly stand-alone) works last year, I also hope to submit again soon. I am also considering self-publishing the “Shadows of an Empire” series. Only the Inevitable will have to be self-published, as it is episodic and crazy long, but I don’t want it to be my first published work.

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