January 2015 Updates

So I’ve decided to do monthly reports of how I’ve been doing with my writing. I’m doing this for 2 main reasons. 1, to keep track and/or brag. 2, to have something to blog about.

Here then are my approximate January 2015 updates.

34,000 words in the final book of Shadows of an Empire, putting it at 153,000 total. I also have 24,000 in a novella prequel to that series.

40,000 words for Only the Inevitable, putting that at OMFG 530,000? War and Peace, eat your heart out. This will certainly be broken up into peaces at some point, not yet sure how.

10,000 in Optimizing Evil, a new story to start a series.

Total: 104,000. That’s pretty good for someone who doesn’t do this full time. The goal was to do 50,000 a month, but maybe I should increase that. We will see…

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