February 2015 Updates

Continuing with my monthly updates.

39,000 words in the final book of Shadows of an Empire, putting it at 192,000 total.

36,000 words in Only the Inevitable, putting it at 566,000 overall.

A More Efficient Fantasy is a novella series, which will include Optimizing Evil and its sequels. Finished Optimizing Evil with another 14,000 words, putting it at a modest 24,000 pre-editing (it will be lower post-editing, since I had to do one scene three times). Book 2, Optimizing Acceptance has 19,000 words and is almost done.

Total for the month: 111,000. Total for the year: 215,000. I have to be happy with that. The goal for the year is still 600,000. I thought about upping that, but when I finish the last Shadows of an Empire book, I’ll be moving into editing mode for that series. That will take months and cut into how many new words I write.

So keeping goal the same for now, but hoping to beat the goal.

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