Self-Publishing: A Real Thing

I’ve been thinking about self-publishing for some time now. Yes, that is in part because traditional publishing didn’t even acknowledge my existence, but I have extra reasons now. Self-publishing should be able to provide more income and more stable income; I’ve been watching the data over at, and their numbers are fairly convincing. I can also do my weird projects, which can’t always be categorized well.

Yesterday I started contacting cover artists. There’s nothing quite like discussing money to make a thing feel real. My hope is to start self-publishing by April or May, as that should be enough time to finish one more round of edits, get cover art, and format both ebooks and print books. Also, I need a simple, black and white version of my map, and I need to make sure the mailing list works. Also-also, I’m hoping to get some extras for the website, maybe a parody because I like a parody.

3 to 4 months should be plenty of time to get all that sorted out. So, yeah, terrified but also excited.

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