Fiction Friday: Feb 24, 2017

I think I’m a clone now

So there I am, sat before the boob-tube, vacant-eyed. Only problem is I’m also standing in the doorway, gape-jawed. The other me notices me a moment later.

“What the fuck?” Pause. “Dude, stereo. Nice.” Another pause. “You thinking what I’m thinking? Cool.”

“Right.” I make a T, shutting up TV-me. “I know this is easy, ‘cuz I talk to myself anyway, but—”

“It’s kinda even awesomer now,” says the lazy me.

I flop down on the couch beside my double. Alternate me has the better angle to see the screen. Bastard. “Well, we could do the standard thing.

Fight to the death, see which one of us survives.”

Me-squared nods. “Or we could do the other obvious thing and take over the world.”

“I like the way you think.”


“Hey, you don’t like it, you change it.”

We grin together. Two heads are better than one. With the voices in my head now doubled, we’ve got at least ten heads. That’s plenty for conquest.

World domination, here we come. But firs, TV.

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