Fiction Friday: March 31

A librarian named Miss Understanding opened a can of worms by…

…opening the lid. It popped out, propelled by the pressure within. The worms oozed out, crawling over one another and the rim of the can. They fell to the floor and scattered. One mounted a dictionary. Another ran a marathon over the works of Shakespeare. Another devoured Twain.

More and more worms appeared across the library, as Miss Understanding opened one can after another. Some she even aimed, because that Encyclopedia Britannica from the 70’s deserved to be buried in invertebrates. “You’ve never heard of a hyperlink, and you think Czechoslovakia is still a place! Die!” She cackled as the M volume vanished under he worms.

“Stop! Please!” The young man finally found his way past the barrier of worms. He held out beseeching hands, being careful not to touch any of the worms or cans. “I need those books for my paper!”

Miss Understanding thrust a closed can in his direction, grinning when he cringed. “You’ll never bring food or drink in here again.”

“Never! I promise!”

“Good.” She pulled a harmonica from her pocket and started to play a tune. The worms froze for a moment then headed in an orderly manner to the door. “I’m glad we could reach an understanding.”

The young man gaped in wonder at the now safe library. Miss Understanding walked back to her desk, a book titled ‘Training Worms’ stuffed under her arm.

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