Fiction Friday: April 7

10 Signs You Need a Bath

1. Your body odor can knock out a WWF fighter at a range of 10 feet.

2. Your socks scream for mercy and then stand upright when pried off your feet.

3. You’re not sure what your skin color is, but ‘gleaming’ is wrong.

4. Your hair has the same grease level as McDonalds food.

5. Even dogs refuse to smell you.

6. Your coworkers have placed bio-hazard warnings on you (Well, first they put on hazmat suits, then they placed the warnings.)

7. Dung beetles turn their noses up at you.

8. You were refused a ride in the taxi, even though you could pay.

9. A judge order convicts to stand within a foot of you for the next week.

10. The sentence is then revoked for violating the Geneva Conventions.

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