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Figured I should post something, since I haven’t in for a year. It’s not like anyone reads this thing, but apparently I’m obliged. (So say all the writing advise places out there, because social media is God.)

Have been in a depression/funk because everything I write sucks and gets rejected. In an attempt to make said depression worse, I’ve just submitted a shitload of shorts to various places. It’s all new stuff – would go into detail, but again, nobody cares.


I’m going to go write. That makes me feel better. And then show it to nobody so I won’t want to kill myself when they tell me it’s crap.

First Draft of ‘Illegally Parked UFO’

Just finished the first draft of Illegally Parked UFO. It is, IMHO, very funny. Unfortunately, it’s also currently too short. Will have to fix a bit. I hope to be sending that out sometime soon for submissions. Have also been looking back at A Matter of Quantity, to see if I can start submitting that as well.

In other news that no one cares about, I’m making good progress on the Empire Series book 2 and Only the Inevitable. Huzzah, me.