Only the Inevitable

Book 1: Center of the Universe

David dreamed of being a hero. Then his lost his family and his life spun out of control. Nothing goes right for him anymore, and he’s stopped trying.

One night, he sees an impossible battle. He is pulled through a gateway to a different planet: Bantong, the center of the universe. It is a mad place where nothing makes sense, but there he can live his dream. He can do whatever he likes, except get home.

On Earth, David messed everything up. With a new life in a new place where nothing makes sense, can he make enough mistakes to become a hero? Or is he destined to forever fail?

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Book 2: Life Across the Cosmos

For the first time in his life, David has succeeded at something. He’s stuck serving a religion he doesn’t understand and doesn’t believe, but he can pretend he’s a hero. Life on Bantong contains more dangers than he realized, and he still can’t go home. How long until his life falls apart again?

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Book 3: Lost Souls

Once more, David’s life has fallen apart. Bantong conspired against him — he had no choice but to fail. He knows who ruined him. He has nothing left, but he will avenge himself against Bantong and the priesthood which turned its back on him.

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Book 4: Second Chances

David has made terrible mistakes. He will probably never return to Earth, but that doesn’t matter any longer. If he never has a home or a life, that also doesn’t matter. He will live proudly and remember to help people whenever he can. And if he falls a little bit in love with his new companion Kanlan… Well, he isn’t obeying Cethon any longer either.

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Book 5: Falling Time

Book 6: Wishing for Death

Book 7: Stone Monsters