Shadows of an Empire

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Book 0: Swift as the Wind

Mel is annoyed by almost everything: the imperial forces occupying her country, the fact that she can’t fight against the empire, and the way no one respects her adoptive father, just because he looks like the imperials. Long ago, Mel vowed to do everything she can to fix things, and she won’t let the stupidity of some of her own comrades stop her.

The people Mel wants to fight she can’t, and the people who should be her allies want to fight her. If Mel has to fight everyone, she will.

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Prequel: The Economics of Liberation

10 years prior to Tomb of the Moon, Mok tries to think of a way to bring a liberation movement to Giram. Neither he, Alizabeth, nor Perry can come up with any bright ideas. He runs into a strange northerner named Teg who he believes he can use.

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Book 1: Tomb of the Moon

When Illera flees her village, she leaves the corpses of twenty of her enemies behind her. In a world of magical technology, the imperial occupying forces will chase Illera as far as they must, and they won’t stop till they kill her.

Five hundred years ago, the diemthe defeated their sister race, the lianthe, in a war that devastated the entire world. Since then, the diemthe empire has conquered the northern continent and much of the southern, forcing humans to serve in their military. The country of Giram has recently been annexed by the empire. Illera is a lianthe who has been raised by humans in a small village in Giram, all but forgotten by the rest of the world. She is five hundred years old, but young by lianthe standards. She longs to find her own people but has been hesitant to leave the only life she’s ever known.

Soldiers from the empire come to her village to capture her and eventually kill her. Illera barely kills the soldiers, but she is no longer safe in her little village. She must flee to the Twin Sun Kingdoms, the only place left in the world not under control of the diemthe. Even if she reaches the Twin Sun Kingdoms, there is a great wall at the border and no one from outside is allowed past. Only a handful of people are willing to help her, but each has their own agenda. On their journey, they must face spies, traitors, political machinations, duels to the death, outright war, and Illera’s barely understood magic. Tracking her movements are soldiers from the empire and their diemthe commander, against whom she has no defense.

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Book 2: Bloody Fire

Illera has escaped Giram and the thirty-third, if barely. Her allies lay in ruins, and she still has nowhere to run. Only the Twin Sun Kingdoms are safe, and so she must head there, even though no foreigners can pass the mighty wall.

Banof still lives. He knows what Illera carries, and he will do whatever it takes to get it. Where do his loyalties truly lie?

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Book 3: Into the Light

Riol and his companions live in the shadows. They can sneak into anywhere, retrieve any information, kill anyone. They have never suffered a setback before. In her lust for the karyon, the empress twists their minds before sending them south. Riol loses everything he loves. Only the mission remains: bring the karyon back to Daranvirmor and kill Banof.

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Book 4: Twisted Minds

Illera already has to worry about fighting a war and protecting the karyon. Now she has to keep two crazy diemthe hidden from her allies. With their help, she finally has an advantage in the war, but they could turn against her at any moment.

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Book 5: Caged Earth

Illera and her friends have surpassed many obstacles and come out stronger for it. But most of the south still suffers from imperial subjugation. On their own, Illera and her friends cannot win. With help from some Banof’s allies, they can, but the south will never ally with diemthe, even traitorous ones.

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Book 6: Whisper in the Wood

The south is free from imperial control. Until now, the diemthe have not truly begun to fight. The full force of the rabets shifts into gear, and Illera remains their primary target.

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Book 7: Iron Will

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