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2015 Goals

Hello, new year. Hello, new me (hopefully).

My main goal this year is to regularly update this stupid page. At least once a month, I hope. Because on the internet, new is key. If you ain’t generating new shit, you don’t exist. (And I already barely exist.)

Last year, I wrote about 650,000 words. I hope to match or accede that this year. I want to finish my “Shadow of an Empire” series and “Only the Inevitable.” I’m into the last arc of the former, and hopefully more than 2/3 through the latter, so finishing both is very doable.

As I had a number of finished, stand-alone (or mostly stand-alone) works last year, I also hope to submit again soon. I am also considering self-publishing the “Shadows of an Empire” series. Only the Inevitable will have to be self-published, as it is episodic and crazy long, but I don’t want it to be my first published work.

Some Updates

Some updates since, as always, I neglect this site.

Good news: made my writing goal for the year. 600K words. This includes two new novels (one of which is a prequel to my series), the completion of book 3 in my series, a good chuck into book 4 of the series, and the never-ending serial epic of d00m.

My writing group has been working on an anthology, which includes a story by me. It should be out soon. Will post details when it becomes available.

Bad News: other than the short story, I still can’t get anyone to read my shit. To preserve friendships, I have gone back into the closet as a writer. By which I mean I never speak of it in public.

How the hell do you find beta readers? Especially when you’re shit and too depressed for the internet?


Figured I should post something, since I haven’t in for a year. It’s not like anyone reads this thing, but apparently I’m obliged. (So say all the writing advise places out there, because social media is God.)

Have been in a depression/funk because everything I write sucks and gets rejected. In an attempt to make said depression worse, I’ve just submitted a shitload of shorts to various places. It’s all new stuff – would go into detail, but again, nobody cares.


I’m going to go write. That makes me feel better. And then show it to nobody so I won’t want to kill myself when they tell me it’s crap.

First Draft of ‘Illegally Parked UFO’

Just finished the first draft of Illegally Parked UFO. It is, IMHO, very funny. Unfortunately, it’s also currently too short. Will have to fix a bit. I hope to be sending that out sometime soon for submissions. Have also been looking back at A Matter of Quantity, to see if I can start submitting that as well.

In other news that no one cares about, I’m making good progress on the Empire Series book 2 and Only the Inevitable. Huzzah, me.