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May 2016 Update

Only got 20,000 words for the month, which I’m telling myself isn’t bad considering I was out of town for 2.5 weeks and work went crazy. In better news, I finally (on the 3rd attempt) got a good editor, so I finished editing my series. The first novel and the two novellas will be self-published next month, as soon as I get the formatting figured out. For the moment, I’m trying to be positive about my chances of having more than 5 people buy the damn thing.

March 2016 Update

A day late on the progress report, but here it is:

51,000 for the month, 191,000 for the year. I finished revising the book I didn’t finish last month, as well as another this month.

In other news, I hope to start publishing in May or June, assuming my second editor works better than the first.