A More Efficient Fantasy

Traditional fantasy worlds are shit. The technology is pathetic, the magic is too showy, the beer tastes like piss, and evil always loses.

Book 1: Optimizing Evil
Mika is going to force his world to be more efficient, whether it wants it or not.
If he’s going to start with evil, that’s only because the good guys are dicks.

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Book 2: Optimizing Acceptance

Just because orcs and big and scary and usually evil, the people of Yadis’s village drive out her and her orc, adopted brother. Is there any place in the world that will accept the two siblings?

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Book 3: Optimizing Swordplay

Paka wants to be a swordsman so he can protect his sister, Yadis. That means he needs to convince either orcs or humans to teach him to fight. Since he’s not sure whether he’s an orc or a human, that gets complicated.

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Book 4: Optimizing Profit

To save his new family, Mika must start a war between the elves and the dwarves. He might as well make some money at the same time.

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