N E Riggs

Fantasy and Science-Fiction Author

Sorcery, Spaceships, & Sarcasm

Starter Anthology

Shadows of an Empire: Swift as the Wind
Only the Inevitable: The Antlions of Vanlang
A More Efficient Fantasy: Optimizing Evil
Thousand Eye Universe: Chasing Relics

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Thousand Eye Universe

The Gray exists between the Light and the Dark, to keep reality in balance and to protect the Neutrals.

Someone watches over the galaxy, someone who can see almost everything. Someone who hates the Gray.


A More Efficient Fantasy

Traditional fantasy worlds are shit. The technology is pathetic, the magic is too showy, the beer tastes like piss, and evil always loses.

Mika is going to force his world to be more efficient, whether it wants it or not.

 Only the Inevitable
Bantong: home to miracles, monsters, and lost travelers. Few that stumble upon it return. Those that do are changed forever.

David has made a mess of his life. Now that he has found Bantong, can he fail enough times to become a savior?


Shadows of an Empire

The sun and moon have dulled. A cruel empire rules most of the world. The spirits interfere at whim. Magic has been tamed to create wondrous technology that anyone can use.

When Illera flees her village, she leaves the corpses of twenty of her enemies behind her. The empire is desperate to kill or capture her. Where can she, and who can she trust? She holds many secrets, some of which even she doesn’t know.

Fantasy and Science-Fiction Author