Fiction Friday: April 21

T-Rex Encounter

The buffet of humans stretched along the side of the building, one delicious morsel after the other. T wiped a tear from his eye. (More accurately, he tried to wipe a tear from his eye. Sadly, his tiny arms wouldn’t reach his face. He’d cursed his small arms many times in his life; brushing away tears was the least of his problems.)

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Fiction Friday: April 14

Despite a few fatalities, everyone agreed that Mindy’s cookout was a roaring success.

Roaring meant literally, of course, since Bob ended up on the barbecue.

He came in, twenty minutes late as usual, prim steps and perfectly coiffed hair. “Oh, you’ve got hot dogs and hamburger patties! How quaint!” He clasped his hands together and fluttered around, avoiding the smoke even when the wind changed direction.

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Fiction Friday: March 31

A librarian named Miss Understanding opened a can of worms by…

…opening the lid. It popped out, propelled by the pressure within. The worms oozed out, crawling over one another and the rim of the can. They fell to the floor and scattered. One mounted a dictionary. Another ran a marathon over the works of Shakespeare. Another devoured Twain.

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