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Only the Inevitable: Book 1

Only the Inevitable is a mash-up of sci-fi adventure, portal fantasy, and mythology. Book 1 is now available on Amazon:

Book 1: Center of the Universe

David dreamed of being a hero. Then his lost his family and his life spun out of control. Nothing goes right for him anymore, and he’s stopped trying.

One night, he sees an impossible battle. He is pulled through a gateway to a different planet: Bantong, the center of the universe. It is a mad place where nothing makes sense, but there he can live his dream. He can do whatever he likes, except get home.

On Earth, David messed everything up. With a new life in a new place where nothing makes sense, can he make enough mistakes to become a hero? Or is he destined to forever fail?

Amazon | Paperback

2015 Goals

Hello, new year. Hello, new me (hopefully).

My main goal this year is to regularly update this stupid page. At least once a month, I hope. Because on the internet, new is key. If you ain’t generating new shit, you don’t exist. (And I already barely exist.)

Last year, I wrote about 650,000 words. I hope to match or accede that this year. I want to finish my “Shadow of an Empire” series and “Only the Inevitable.” I’m into the last arc of the former, and hopefully more than 2/3 through the latter, so finishing both is very doable.

As I had a number of finished, stand-alone (or mostly stand-alone) works last year, I also hope to submit again soon. I am also considering self-publishing the “Shadows of an Empire” series. Only the Inevitable will have to be self-published, as it is episodic and crazy long, but I don’t want it to be my first published work.

Various Progress

Haven’t updated for awhile, so I’m posting now. (Not that anyone but me reads this…) Anyway, I have been making good progress on the crazy, unnamed sequel thing to In The Shadow of the Sun. I figure I’m about halfway through the firs draft.

The good news: I really like the story and am enjoying it.

The so-so news: The more I write of the sequel, the more I feel I have to fix stuff in the original story. Am I just being anal, or am I being a psycho perfectionist? Or are these necessary changes that should have been in the first book from the beginning? Am hoping that’s it.

The bad news: Damn, the plot’s getting crazy complicated. And suddenly it seems like I have a bazillion characters. Gah!

In other news, I’ve also been working on a new story idea, because, as you can tell from the above, I’m perfectly sane and in no way distracted by minutia. I call it “Only The Inevitable.” Unlike all other stories I’ve started, I have a clear idea of the entire plot before even starting. God, that’s scary.

I’ve also got 2 short story ideas I’m slowly hashing out. One is pure, unadulterated crack. The other is weird and serious and an attempt at being literary. Because my writing suffers from MPD, much like myself. Oy vey.

Well, huzzah for much writing. I will now go back to listening to the chirping of crickets.